We also offer our guests an exclusive “Designer Shopping” service with a Specialist Designer Shopper.

You can rely on our expertise, as we will open the closed doors before you and show you the most reputable and reliable boutiques, stores and galleries owned by both – Moroccans and Europeans.(see details of this service on website)

We have also developed a home decoration line with the  famous designer Meryanne Loum-Martin who owns a beautiful store in her deluxe guest house Jnane Tamsna.  We would love to take you there!

Specialised shopper

Born in Manhattan, New York in 1963, Cameron was raised in an art and design aware environment !

Lovers of art, music, and design, his parents exposed Cameron, and his sister Amelia, to all that New York City had to offer. While Amelia gravitated towards Broadway musicals, opera, and contemporary music, Cameron became involved with design, architecture, and working with his hands fixing old furniture, refurbishing antique pieces of deco furniture with his father, which they found in yard sales and thrift shops around New York.

By The age of sixteen, Cameron was working after school and weekends, in a famous antique dealer’s workshop, repairing and finishing old furniture going to shows or auctions. In 1981, Cameron enrolled in the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, concentrating on furniture design. In 1983, horizons expanded when he travelled to Europe, with his best friend and future business partner (Lael), on a summer trip searching for great finds!

Striking gold in France (old armoires), Spain (old Ottoman dressers & cabinets), Holland (large country dining tables), & Northern Morocco (old doors and ceramic urns). All were Shipped back to the Port of New York, and thus began a business of traveling & importing from around the world.

In 1985 the business was formalized with a warehouse and refinishing shop in Harlem, NYC. Objects from China to Indian, Latvia to Russia, and Mexico to Argentina were brought in for refurbishing and sold to a list of wholesale clients throughout the New York and New England Areas. The business grew to include three retail outlets in lower Manhattan & Long Island, New York. Under the name Country Home & Comfort, “A” list shoppers, designers, and decorators, frequented the retail stores finding unique items unfound in other retailers in the area! On September 11th, 2001 all activity came to a halt, when two planes crashed into the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan, changing the face of NYC and America.

In February 2002, Cameron returned to Morocco to assist a client in buying for a private home being built in Miami, Fla. Coming directly to Marrakech, The trip was a huge success, and a beginning of a new life for Cameron in Morocco.

As Moroccan decoration and oriental designs, reached mainstream popularity, designers and architects quickly found fantastic results with the “American” in Marrakech providing designer shopping services, including packing and shipping to the client’s destination abroad. Over 10 years later, Cameron has married a wonderful Moroccan woman, and has three beautiful children residing happily in Marrakech.

When asked, what makes Marrakech such a wonderful place for designer shopping? Cameron replied, “whatever you are looking for, from clothing to jewelry, fabrics to carpets, furniture to lighting, ceramics to sculptures, we have something to offer the discriminate buyer, and the personal service to go with it”